A bit of history

Project ‘emuStudio’ started in 2006 as a semester project. I have continued to work on it afterwards, and graduated with a final thesis named emuStudio - universal emulation platform. It was my very first project in Java.

My supervisor was Slavomír Šimoňák, and here I want to thank him a lot for his very concise and conceptual leadership of the first versions of the project. Lots of good ideas and project directions came from our discussions, of which I have only good memories.

After graduating from school I had not much time for it, but I still find some little spare time to either improve something, or fix bugs. Also, the project is being used in Technical University in Košice, Slovakia, by students on various subjects, like:

Sometimes students extend emuStudio, so there might be a bright side of its future. For example, there are two projects which were incorporated in or used by emuStudio:

I would like to thank them for the contribution, and hope that there will be more students or anyone wishing to work on something regarding emuStudio.

Getting the support

If you are seeking for help with emuStudio, you have two options. Preferred way is to raise an issue. The second option is to directly write an email to the author. In fact, I will be pleased to hear any feedback or ideas of how emuStudio might get improved.

Responses to the issues/emails might be slow, as this project is still mostly a one-person show, and it’s a hobby. Thank you for understanding.

Important note

emuStudio is free software without any warranties of any kind. It is licensed under GPL v2 license, which covers much more details about legal stuff.