Download & Install

Version Released
0.38 beta
The very first emuStudio

Other versions of emuStudio are available at SourceForge.

Supported platforms

Currently, supported platforms are Linux and Windows; theoretically emuStudio can work on any platform which supports Java SE.


The first step is to unpack the file into location where you want to have emuStudio installed. The ZIP file contains the whole emuStudio with all official virtual computers, including examples and some of the sample images.

In order to run emuStudio, run the following command from console:

java -jar emuStudio.jar

It is required to install a Java Runtime Environment of version 8 or later.

Directory structure

The directory structure of emuStudio is well-defined, and strict.

config/ Configuration files of virtual computers.
compilers/ Compiler plug-ins
cpu/ CPU plug-ins
devices/ Devices plug-ins
mem/ Memory plug-ins
lib/ Shared run-time libraries

If you want to use a custom virtual computer in emuStudio, it’s plug-ins and shared libraries must be put into appropriate subdirectories. Then, the abstract schema editor will find new plug-ins right after fresh start of emuStudio, and they can be used immediately.