Constant Field Values



  • net.emustudio.emulib.plugins.compiler.CompilerMessage 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final java.lang.String MSG_ERROR "[ERROR ] "
    public static final java.lang.String MSG_INFO "[INFO ] "
    public static final java.lang.String MSG_WARNING "[WARNING] "
    public static final java.lang.String POSITION_FORMAT "(%3d,%3d) "
  • net.emustudio.emulib.plugins.compiler.Token 
    Modifier and Type Constant Field Value
    public static final int COMMENT 1536
    public static final int EOF 0
    public static final int ERROR 1
    public static final int IDENTIFIER 2048
    public static final int LABEL 2304
    public static final int LITERAL 1792
    public static final int OPERATOR 1280
    public static final int PREPROCESSOR 512
    public static final int REGISTER 768
    public static final int RESERVED 256
    public static final int SEPARATOR 1024
    public static final int WHITESPACE 4096