Interface CPUContext

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    public interface CPUContext
    extends Context
    CPU context can be used by plugins which are connected to CPU.

    Custom CPU contexts can extend the runtime functionality accessible to plugins. Plugins which need the specific CPU contexts, should declare a dependency on the CPU plugin.

    • Method Detail

      • isInterruptSupported

        default boolean isInterruptSupported()
        Determine whether this CPU supports interrupts.
        true, if interrupts are supported, false otherwise
      • signalInterrupt

        default void signalInterrupt​(byte[] data)
        Send interrupt signal to the CPU.
        data - data bus
      • getCPUFrequency

        default int getCPUFrequency()
        Get CPU frequency in kHz
        CPU frequency in kHz or 0 if it is not supported
      • getTimedEventsProcessor

        default java.util.Optional<TimedEventsProcessor> getTimedEventsProcessor()
        Get timed events processor, a soft real-time system based on a logical clock.

        See TimedEventsProcessor for more details.

        timed events processor if available