Class SleepUtils

  • public class SleepUtils
    extends java.lang.Object
    Sleeping and time measurement utilities.
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      static void preciseSleepNanos​(long nanoDuration)
      Accurately sleeps on all platforms (Linux, Win, Mac).
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        public static final long SLEEP_PRECISION

        public static final long SPIN_YIELD_PRECISION
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      • SleepUtils

        public SleepUtils()
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      • preciseSleepNanos

        public static void preciseSleepNanos​(long nanoDuration)
        Accurately sleeps on all platforms (Linux, Win, Mac). Sleep precision: SLEEP_PRECISION (determined automatically)

        It is more precise than LockSupport::sleepNanos

        See: - accurate sleep for java - alternative to Thread.sleep

        nanoDuration - nanoseconds