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Memory “brainduck-mem”

BrainDuck memory is used as a part of BrainDuck computer, which acts as the operating memory, holding both of brainfuck program and data.

BrainDuck CPU reads/writes instructions from/to the memory. Memory updates its cells and notifies debugger in emuStudio about the update.

Memory plugin contains a simple graphical window, a GUI, which provides a set of the following features:

  • paginated view of memory cells, arranged into 16x16 table per page.
  • cells are displayed in hexadecimal form and can be changed directly by the user.
  • there are hard-coded 256 pages, so the memory size is 256 * (16x16) = 64 kB

Graphical user interface (GUI)

In the following screenshot, it is possible to see GUI of brainduck-mem.

BrainDuck memory window

  • A: Shows currently displayed page. Can be edited manually by entering a number and pressing the ENTER key
  • B: By double-clicking on a memory cell, the cell editor is enabled and the user can overwrite the content of the cell. Supported number formats are decimal or hexadecimal. The hexadecimal number must begin with 0x prefix.
  • C: By clicking on button Clear the whole memory is cleared. By clicking on Page down, the page number is increased; button Page up decreases the page number.