Interface ApplicationApi

  • @ThreadSafe
    public interface ApplicationApi
    emuStudio application API.

    Plugins can use it for the communication with emuStudio.

    • Field Detail


        static final ApplicationApi UNAVAILABLE
        "Unavailable" instance of ApplicationApi.

        It means that all methods return dummy or null values.

        The instance might be useful when creating plugin object without emuStudio (e.g. a plugin wants to support command-line interface).

    • Method Detail

      • getDebuggerTable

        DebuggerTable getDebuggerTable()
        Get debugger table.
        debugger table in emuStudio.
      • getContextPool

        ContextPool getContextPool()
        Get context pool.

        Context pool is used for registration and obtaining plugin contexts, which are used in plugin communication.

        context pool
      • getDialogs

        Dialogs getDialogs()
        Get dialogs object.

        Dialogs object can be used by plugins to display common dialogs like information/error messages, or ask user for input, like read integer/double value or ask for confirmation.

        dialogs object