Welcome to emuStudio!

emuStudio is a free, cross-platform toy-computer emulation platform and framework. It targets the "academic" sphere to help students or enthusiasts gaining the "know-how" and experiment with how computers work.

Platform, because it supports full computer emulation "life-cycle". From writing and compiling programs for the emulated machine, to running and debugging. Examples of real computer emulators are MITS Altair8800, SSEM (a.k.a. "Baby"). Abstract computers include: RAM, RASP, and Brainfuck "emulator".

Framework, because it includes API and supporting back-end enabling developing new computer emulators. Good developer documentation is a matter of course. As in real computers, emuStudio allows reusing existing components resulting in different computer configurations.

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Getting started

The following options might help you getting started with emuStudio.

I want to see something first

If you are curious how emuStudio looks before installing it, we have some screenshots prepared.

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Installation & run

The first step is to install emuStudio.

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What can I do as a user?

emuStudio is easy to use. Still, a guidance to advanced user experience might be interesting.

See User documentation
I'm a developer

Developers and enthusiasts might try writing a custom emulator.

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