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Writing a device

In emuStudio, plugin root class must either implement Device interface, or can extend more bloat-free AbstractDevice class.

A device in emuStudio has three components:

  • a device “engine” (device functionality)
  • optional main GUI window
  • optional settings GUI window

Communication with devices is realized through device contexts. A device, as any other plugin, can have none, one or more contexts, which should be registered in plugin root class constructor. Device context should implement a DeviceContext interface.

Sample implementation of a device root class might look as follows:

    title = "Sample device"
public class DeviceImpl extends AbstractDevice {
    private final DeviceContext deviceEngine = new DeviceEngine();

    private MainWindow mainWindow;
    private SettingsWindow settingsWindow;

    public DeviceImpl(long pluginID, ApplicationApi applicationApi, PluginSettings settings) {
        super(pluginID, applicationApi, settings);

        try {
            applicationApi.getContextPool().register(pluginID, deviceEngine, DeviceContext.class);
        } catch (InvalidContextException | ContextAlreadyRegisteredException e) {
                "Could not register Sample Device.", getTitle()

    public void showGUI(JFrame parent) {
        if (mainWindow == null) {
            mainWindow = new MainWindow(parent);

    public void showSettings(JFrame parent) {
        if (settingsWindow == null) {
            settingsWindow = new SettingsWindow(parent); 

    public boolean isShowSettingsSupported() {
        return true;