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This guide shall help you, the developer, to write your virtual computer for emuStudio. API is designed for simplicity and tries to save the developer from solving the most common problems. Created emulators can mimic either real or abstract computers. I hope you will have fun!

There exist some sister projects, which will be used by the developer during your programming journey. The following section will provide more information.


emuLib is a run-time library used by emuStudio and plugins. It also provides the API to be implemented by plug-ins. Javadoc can be opened here.


Edigen is CPU instruction decoder and disassembler generator. It takes the burden of the common disassembling/decoding code from the developer when programming an emulator. The project website, which includes documentation, is here.

Other documentation

For reference, here are provided some documents for some older emuStudio versions.

Version Year Document or paper
  2017 RASP Abstract Machine Emulator — Extending the emuStudio Platform
  2012 An instruction decoder and disassembler generator for EmuStudio platform - Proceeding of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics of the Technical University of Košice. Page 660-663. ISBN 978-80-553-0890-6
  2010 Preserving host independent emulation speed
  2010 Standardization of computer emulation
  2010 Communication model of emuStuio emulation platform
0.37b 2009 User manual (in Slovak)
0.37b 2009 Plugins’ vade-mecum (in Slovak)
  2008 Software-based CPU emulation