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BrainDuck computer will recognize if automatic emulation is executed.

Non-interactive mode

If a --nogui flag is set, the input and output will be redirected to files, instead of terminal GUI.

The input file is called and must be placed in the directory from which emuStudio was executed. If the file does not exist, emuStudio will not run.

The output file is called brainduck-terminal.out and it will be created automatically or appended when it exists in the location from which emuStudio was executed.

Be careful of EOLs

Take care of end-of-line characters. Most of brainfuck programs count with Unix-like EOLs, i.e. characters with ASCII code 10. plugin brainduck-terminal interprets ENTER key in the interactive mode as Unix-like EOL. In the non-interactive mode, EOL may be of any-like type.


Command line for starting non-interactive automatic emulation:

./emuStudio --auto --config config/BrainDuck.toml --input examples/brainc-brainduck/mandelbrot.b
  • computer configuration config/BrainDuck.toml will be loaded
  • input file for compiler is one of the examples
  • (--auto) automatic emulation will be performed

This command will show terminal GUI and after the program finishes, emuStudio is closed. The console will contain additional information about the emulation progress:

[INFO] Starting emulation automation...
[INFO] Compiler: BrainDuck Compiler, version 0.40-SNAPSHOT
[INFO] CPU: BrainDuck CPU, version 0.40-SNAPSHOT
[INFO] Memory: BrainDuck memory, version 0.40-SNAPSHOT
[INFO] Memory size: 65536
[INFO] Device: BrainDuck terminal, version 0.40-SNAPSHOT
[INFO] Compiling input file: examples/brainc-brainduck/mandelbrot.b
[INFO] Compiler started working.
[INFO] [Info   ] BrainDuck Compiler, version 0.40-SNAPSHOT
[INFO] [Info   ] Compile was successful. Output: /home/vbmacher/emuStudio/examples/brainc-brainduck/mandelbrot.hex
[INFO] [Info   ] Compiled file was loaded into operating memory.
[INFO] Compilation finished.
[INFO] Program start address: 0000h
[INFO] Resetting CPU...
[INFO] Running emulation...
[INFO] Normal stop
[INFO] Instruction location = 2CBCh
[INFO] Emulation completed