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SSEM CPU emulator

SSEM is one of the first implementations of the von-Neumann design of a computer. It contained a control unit, arithmetic-logic unit (ALU), and memory (which actually is a CRT display too).

The speed of CPU is around 700 instructions per second.

The ssem-cpu plugin implements the control unit (instruction decoding and executing) and ALU.

Status panel

Status panel is shown below:

SSEM CPU Status panel GUI

Registers section shows hexadecimal, decimal and binary representation of the:

  • accumulator (A)
  • “control-instruction” (CI), which holds memory address of the current instruction (zero-based program counter)

Memory-snippet shows “actual” memory-cell values (hexadecimal, decimal and binary):

  • M[CI]: memory cell value at CI (the current row with the instruction)
  • line part (correctly reversed) of the current instruction row
  • M[line]: memory cell value at line address